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Therapeutic Gospel = False Gospel: Self-esteem vs Christ-esteem

One mediator between God and man….


in our culture — even in the church — it’s common to interpret human desires automatically as givens. They’re seen as unalterable and valid wants that must be fulfilled. The troubles that beset our desires arise because our desires are not fulfilled, our felt needs have not been met.
When this way of looking at things is ported into Christianity, then the gospel of Jesus becomes the better way to ‘meet your needs.’ Perhaps your sin is that you look to your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse to meet your need for love, when Jesus is the one who lives to meet that need. In this way of looking at things, God’s chief purpose is often portrayed as merely giving us what we deeply desire, gratifying our deepest instinctive longings. This way of describing how God interacts with our desires is a “therapeutic gospel.” It offers to heal the woundedness we feel…

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